June  28, 29  2014 

Yoga – Ayurveda - Living the all by knowing the One,
by  Narvada Puri
The close connection of Yoga and Ayurveda are both seeking bodily immortality rejuvenation of body, mind and soul, insisting on its inseparable unity: physical disease effects the mind, mental inbalance causes disease in the body.

 “Ayurveda is the healing branch of Yoga; Yoga the spiritual aspect of Ayurveda.” -  David Frawley 

The intention of this seminar is to reestablish hope and courage in our daily challenges. The paradise of bliss and completeness is neither lost nor behind the clouds – but available in our own being through the effort of commitment to the indestructible treasures of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Saturday 28.6
9-10am : Pranayama - Meditation with Ganga 
10.30-12.30 : Sukshm Vyayam (Yoga practice) with Alaknanda
2-4pm Lecture : "the Seer had left the Seen"  - Patanjali with Ganga
4.30-5.30 : Aarti (Kirtan-Puja)

Sunday 29.6
9-10am : Pranayama - Meditation with Ganga 
10.30-12.30 : Hatha Yoga with Ganga
2-4pm Lecture : "how can Ayurveda Serve Yoga" with Alaknanda
4.30-5.30 : Aarti (Kirtan-Puja)

Both days : 6 - 9 am : Individual ayurvedic consultancy (on empty stomac) with Ayurveda Practitioner, Alaknanda, apointment mandatory.

Course description:

SUKSHM VYAYAM: These subtle exercises as represented in this workshop from the vyayam practice in Hatha Yoga like gentle joint movements etc. Here the rare known sequence of breathing exercise and asanas originate from yogis of the high Himalayas and Tibet.

Pranayama and concentration will lead to direct activation and awakening of the chakras, who are the source in our spiritual body for the functioning or dysfunctioning of the organs and veins in the chakras’ counterpart the physical body.

Amazing results have been registered in the rejuvenaration of degenerated cell systems thereby preventing terminal diseases like tubercoloris, cancer, Aids, fatigue, depression or other psychosomatic symptoms. These exercise can easily be introduced into everybody’s daily practice from bed-ridden patients or work-stressed professionals, as a meaningful part of cleansing-satkarmas for Hatha-Yoga practitioners and yoga-teachers.

Yoga-Ayurveda Philosophy:

According to the principles of the Yoganga-Retreat as of all eastern culture a balancing teaching tends to achieve realization, harmony and wholeness, to reach through practice and knowledge to the infinite dimension of the true nature of the soul, whose realization is considered the aim of life.

The lectures want to transform this knowledge leading to a deeper inner understanding which alone can promote a transformation in our individual being and thereby a chance to change our world into peace, nonviolence, purity and truth.

Kirtan-Puja: The days of this spiritual workshop starts with chants and worship and end with ecstatic repetition of God’s name – the symbol of divine energy.

Consultation: The healing science of Ayurveda is based on the knowledge of our individual constitution. Every being is unique; so what is good for one could be poison for another. To make our life happier and wiser in choosing the right lifestyle a consultation will prove an important illumination.

These Indian weekends in Yoga and Ayurveda are considered as a beautiful effort to give a glimpse of yogic light into daily misery and frustration by awakening higher consciousness, the potential of our inborn heritage of freedom in all of us.

In thankful dedication to the blessing light of Yoga and Ayurveda.


Mataji                 Ganga                     Gangotri
      Narvada Puri                                  Ganga Puri                                                     Alaknanda Puri
With Matajis suprime spirit

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